Lindsey Ross, Santa Barbara, California
Instagram// @thealchemistress

While making this post I realized my disinterest in technology is being inadvertently expressed through my admiration of women using extinct creative processes. Of course, to actually make something with your hands means to forgo some modern technology, but this ideal effects more than the product. Lindsey's art is inspirational because of the purpose, meaning, and satisfaction she finds in making it. It's not what she does it's why she does it. She has direction and passion in her daily life that so many of us struggle to find. Her hands drive the 10 minute process behind each photo, the sun schedules her day, and her home is her work space.

"Wet plate collodion process was invented in 1850 and was one of the first major photographic process invented after the Daguerrotype was patented in 1839.  Wet plate collodion which is the process used to make tintypes (on metal) or ambrotypes (on glass) became the popular photographic process through the American Civil War into the 1880's, at which point dry plates were developed and manufactured." 
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Film Directed by Andrew Schoneberger which was selected for the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The boys of  Collective Quarterly , a publication worthy of your subscription

The boys of Collective Quarterly, a publication worthy of your subscription