The Hatter//

Cate Havstad, Horse Farm/Airstream/wherever she feels like it, Oregon
Instagram// @havstadhatco

Cate's vagabond spirit and curiosity have made a maker out of her. Her anachronistic flair and blend of western processes with modern style really pull at my heart strings. As an urban dweller who can't watch enough classic Westerns, all I want is a Havstad custom piece that John and Clint would hat-tip.

It started innocently a few years ago as Cate's most beloved hat went limp and she researched hatters that could salvage it. As she explored her inspiration grew and she followed it; moving to Oregon for an apprenticeship with a Master Hatter. Yes, you read that correctly. She was passionate about something and just went and did the damn thing. After learning the trade, Cate spent a few years laboring out of a horse barn in Central Oregon building her brand Havstad Hat Co. Lately she's been cruising around in her Airstream, which she customized into a studio. Each hat is crafted by Cate using felt fur, natural dyes, hand-shaping techniques, and original equipment dating as far back as the late 1800s. Seriously, I could not have made up anything that sounds cooler than the truth.


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Naturally dyed beauts drying in the sun

Naturally dyed beauts drying in the sun