Renaissance Woman//

Payton Cosell Turner, Flat Vernacular, Brooklyn
Instagram// @flatvernacular

Payton’s fine arts approach to pop culture imagery fuels my suspicion that she may have arrived via flux capacitor, but luckily she has found a way to live among us. She is the creative force behind Flat Vernacular, a wallpaper, fabric, and interior studio she owns with her equally-talented husband. Meeting Payton is helpful in appreciating her creations, which visually express her whimsical nature, thoughtfulness, and passion. Her fervor has proven that fine art is not limited to oil and canvas, but can live in matrimony with modern design. Her patterns are soft, light-hearted, and organic, but also bold and theatrical.

Payton has jumped to a new page by hand-drawing us Every Little Thing, an adult coloring book where ::giddy clapping ensues:: we can join her wonderland. I actually GASPED when I saw the page of little piglets with guinea pigs. Oh but what colors to use for the butter and butterflies, or sharks swimming amidst cupcakes!?