Lauren & The Lost Boys

Lauren Webster, Sydney, Australia
Instagram// @laurenlostboys

JK about the boys. "Lauren & The Lost Boys" is the pseudonym of Australian artist Lauren Webster. What's striking about Lauren's work (besides the work itself) is the consistency and presentation of her style despite multiple mediums. The detail of her hand-painted illustrations look like digital prints and translate to multiple environments including skate boards, cars, walls, and runway models. Fingers-crossed she does an installation someday or I dream up an 80's vampirey adventure lost in those cacti.

Tattoo Artist//

Pony Reinhardt, Tenderfoot Studio, Portland, OR
Instagram// @free orgy // @tenderfootstudio

Moons, skeletons, and crystals; these are a few of her favorite things. Pony's line work and subject matter play so nicely together in telling her mystical stories. I love how she uses dots and shapes to incorporate the client's skin as a negative space between the elements. I don't have any tattoos, but her work has been challenging my fear of commitment. Maybe someday I'll fight her other admirers for one of those sought-after bookings.  Also, she JUST made a limited run of hand-printed serigraphs so get to it!