On a String//

Alexandra Kehayoglou, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Web// alexkeha.com
Instagram// @alexkeha

Alexandra's family tree includes generations of rug makers and she spent her childhood playing in the family textile factory, which sits adjacent to her weaving workshop. Alex inherited this craft and embraces her ancestry, but reimagined her work's meaning beyond family heirlooms.

"I live in a green bubble. I feel I have a purpose which is to weave more greenery, as a reaction to the gradual disappearance of our natural world. I'm flying the flag for Mother Earth. I keep weaving to raise awareness, to encourage others to love it as well." 
Check out the thoughtful interview on FVF.

Commission for Dries Van Noten Spring 2015  show

Commission for Dries Van Noten Spring 2015 show

Found via  Honestly WTF

Found via Honestly WTF

Macrame's Queen Bee//

Sally England, Ojaj California
Web// sallyengland.com
Instagram// @sally_england

This past May I finished grad school and started brainstorming hobbies for my new found free time. One of those ideas was a blog about women makers (exhibit A), and the other was trying my hand at macrame. Before I jumped into knotting, I searched for what was already out there. What I found was the mothership of inspiration in Sally England's work, which is light years ahead of the trend. Sally is a trained fiber artist originally from the Midwest (woot! woot!). Her background in sculpture is no surprise when you see the variance in form, depth, and the resulting emotion of her work.


Mandi the Riveter//

Mandi, Black Sage Supply
Web// blacksagesupply.com
Instagram// @blacksagesupply

No animals were harmed in the making of this product, which is the whole %@$#&* point! If you've felt the pain of vegan leather shoes dying after a few months then you know the struggle of non-leather goods is real ::In walks Mandi of Black Sage Supply with her hand-crafted, utilitarian workwear:: These heavy-duty, waxed canvas gems are fully functional and ready to meet their makers. Now we just need Mandi to make belts, boots, and motorcycle jackets!

Stitch Maker//

Britt "Hutch" Hutchinson, Tinycup Needleworks, Chicago
Web// tinycupneedleworks.com
Instagram// @tinycup_

It's safe to call Britt "Hutch" Hutchinson an artist. She has vision, talent, and ideals; she sticks to her guns and doesn't sacrifice her creative agenda. In a world of corporate graphic designers and Etsy fees, she is one of the last remaining cowgirls. I've had the pleasure of spending time with Hutch and witness the heartfelt pursuit of her self-taught craft. Her assurance in our ability to learn and the encouragement she gave me to be creative is what this new site is all about. Thanks for the inspiration, Hutch, SHEMAKER 001.