Mandi the Riveter//

Mandi, Black Sage Supply
Instagram// @blacksagesupply

No animals were harmed in the making of this product, which is the whole %@$#&* point! If you've felt the pain of vegan leather shoes dying after a few months then you know the struggle of non-leather goods is real ::In walks Mandi of Black Sage Supply with her hand-crafted, utilitarian workwear:: These heavy-duty, waxed canvas gems are fully functional and ready to meet their makers. Now we just need Mandi to make belts, boots, and motorcycle jackets!


Aleksandra Zee, San Francisco
Instagram// @aleksandrazee

Aleksandra's work is stunning. Her pieces and popularity seem to be multiplying in the few months since I stumbled across her on the Instajams, but I'm far from her first admirer. She has been featured on The Hundreds and Refinery29 to name a few. The neutral palette and patterns she creates just werk. So ::hat tip:: to a woman who picked up a power tool, not because we're surprised by her ability, but know from experience that most women don't receive the encouragement to do so.


Stitch Maker//

Britt "Hutch" Hutchinson, Tinycup Needleworks, Chicago
Instagram// @tinycup_

It's safe to call Britt "Hutch" Hutchinson an artist. She has vision, talent, and ideals; she sticks to her guns and doesn't sacrifice her creative agenda. In a world of corporate graphic designers and Etsy fees, she is one of the last remaining cowgirls. I've had the pleasure of spending time with Hutch and witness the heartfelt pursuit of her self-taught craft. Her assurance in our ability to learn and the encouragement she gave me to be creative is what this new site is all about. Thanks for the inspiration, Hutch, SHEMAKER 001.



I was writing a feature for my boyfriend's motorcycle blog about a female maker and she just didn't fit seamlessly into his feed. So I searched for a website where these women might coexist, and I came up empty-handed.

Voila, SHEMAKERS was born.

This is a space to admire each SHEMAKER in the pursuit of her craft. Not a woman who crafts; not ribbons and curls. But one who uses her curious mind to learn a new skill, her trained eyes to capture an aesthetic, and her capable hands for creation.  Maybe this collection of women will inspire the rest of us to seek our own talents, pick up our hands, and try something new.

<3 Kara